WireMate Wire and Cable Organizer
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Innovative Problem Solvers, Inc. has developed the WireMate. Our company is dedicated to creating solutions that solve every day problems encountered by millions of people worldwide. WireMate is a simple solution for a complex time. This cable management tool hides all exterior connecting computer wires along with endless other applications.

Wires empower today’s technology. They are the pathways of information transmission and dissemination. The critical role wires play and the chaos they can cause are pervasive. Organizing, protecting and concealing wires is more than an issue of creating order. It is a matter of safety. Taming tangled wires helps to also minimize frustration caused by equipment outages. Wires that are protected are less likely to be damaged or develop loose equipment connections caused by jolting. Exposed or loose wires at home or in the office can lead to entanglement by adults, children, infants and even pets. From aesthetics, functionality and safety concerns, wire management is an important consideration in the home or office. They are often overlooked, but not something to get tripped up on.

Innovative Problem Solvers, Inc. analyzed the problems created by the excess wire tangling of PC work stations, home entertainment centers, video rooms, sound systems and other applications, deciding to develop a simple, practical and integrated solution. After extensive research to identify the precise problem points, the WireMate was developed as a complete wire management solution. Its patented design is remarkable in terms of function and form. The WireMate cable management tool is an enclosed device that provides for the orderly realignment and consolidation of tangled wires which exist with most electronic equipment setups. They include power cords, printer cables, speaker cables, telephone wires, DSL and DV connections and many other applications. It has only two parts, a base and cover, and a very unique and inclusive design setting it apart from all other partial solutions.

The WireMate cable managment solution is very simple. Through the entry of the base unit, the wire excess flows through the channels for looping, aligning to posts, and exiting through either end of the unit depending on the specific application. The WireMate device has been engineered and manufactured to encase a surprisingly large amount of wires/cables. Once the wires are WireMated, an attractive cover is provided which firmly snaps on the base concealing the wires. The device, through the provided double sided tape or screws, can be mounted to a wall, desk panel, configuration component or remain free standing.


Here is a story of entrepreneurial spirit which I think may be interesting to those of you who may be considering starting a business.

My name is Tony S. Pagoto. I founded Innovative Problem Solvers Inc. in 2002, after 40 years in a corporate environment as an IT executive. I and my partner Don A. Sebastian invented the “WireMate”. Our sales are growing rapidly worldwide. The WireMate has been on CBS NEWS, QVC, HGTV, featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and numerous other publications and has been rated as the best of breed in wire management. It is fast becoming the hottest wire management device. We were awarded two U.S. patents.

Here is why I think this is a story of interest, especially now during such economic uncertainty. Are you thinking of starting your own business?

Dreams and determination aren’t only for the young. My partners and I are “seniors”. I am 67 and my partners Don and John J. Tomaszewski are 66 and 70. I am President, responsible for operations, Don handles marketing and John is our patent attorney/treasurer. We have known each other for 53 years. They say never to go into business with friends or relatives, but we have done that and have benefited greatly from it. My uncle Anthony and cousin Stephen manufacture the WireMate for us in New York, USA. They also handle product inventory and order fulfillment. My uncle is 84 and has been an inspiration to me in terms of his vitality, support and belief in what we are doing. My son-in-law Eben is our webmaster. My neighbor Maria is our graphics artist and my neighbors David and Lorraine are our focus group. My wife Pat and children have guided me on countless business decisions and directions. It has been an interesting trip. I have no doubt that the WireMate will sell millions of units as it finds its way into more and more homes and corporations.

So if you have an idea for a product or service, are passionately purposeful about it and are ready to work very hard to make a business succeed, then my advice for you is to reach out to those people you can trust and aligned with your beliefs. You will be off to a great start.

I would be happy to give you any additional input in terms of questions you may have about starting your business. Please go to the “Contact Us” section and you will see how to reach me directly.

Good luck!

WireMate Wire and Cable Organizer

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