WireMate Wire and Cable Organizer
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  What would be the best place to mount the unit?
  On a flat surface closest to the tangling of excess wire. In all cases, the unit may be mounted on a desk or wall near the surge protector or power source outlet. The WireMate can also be placed flat on a desk, shelf or floor. Devices such as modems and routers can also be neatly stacked on it.

  When should the tape or screws provided be used?
  The tape will work for all situations and is very easy and quick to do. Surface area should be clean and dry before applying the tape. If most of the wires are very thick, using the screws may further ensure a more secure positioning of the unit.

  Should the wires be placed in the unit base before mounting?
  It is better to first mount the unit base. Once positioned, it is easier to do the wire placement and minimize excess tangling.

  Is there a preferred wire looping pattern?
  Yes. Run the wires through the center of posts, only leaving the center to loop in the opposite direction. This will form a figure 8 pattern which will hold the wires more firmly in place. The WireMate is designed to contain 50% of the wires within the posts, holding them securely, regardless of how they are looped, but a figure 8 pattern is recommended.

  If very thick wires are present, how should the wire looping occur?
  The unit base is designed to handle the looping of varying wire thickness. For an extremely thick wire, loop it to an adjacent column of posts to allow easier bending of the wire. It should be rarely necessary to do this.

  What removes any mounting tape residue after relocating the WireMate to a new location?
  Use acetone or a citrus based cleaner. Check with your Home Center for options.

  Can the WireMate be spray painted?
  Yes, a fusion spray paint is suggested. Check with your Home Center for options. It is recommended to purchase your WireMate in white and only paint the cover.  The outer edge of the base is 5/16" and will be minimally noticeable once the cover is on. The WireMate is available in White, Black and Gray.

WireMate Wire and Cable Organizer

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