WireMate Wire and Cable Organizer
Wiremate - computer workstation wire organizer Stuck in a tangle?                          www.wiremate.com                                 So EZ to use!

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   Refund/Replacement Guarantee Policy

WireMate Refund Policy:

Innovative Problem Solvers, Inc. wants our customers to be completely satisfied with the function and performance of their WireMate(s). If not satisfied, just request within 45 days of order date, a full refund (less S&H) for a WireMate(s) purchased from this website.

Replacement Policy:

2 Year Limited Warranty. Innovative Problem Solvers Inc. warrants the WireMate against defects in materials or workmanship for 2 years from order date and disclaims any liability in damages resulting from the use or misuse of the product.

Refund/Replacement Process:

Send your request to contact@wiremate.com with your order receipt, briefly explaining the reason for a refund or replacement. Indicate the number of units to be refunded or replaced (specify color). We will reply via email within 24 hours with a refund/replacement authorization #. Send the WireMate(s), order receipt, request and authorization # to our operations center Sterling Molded Products, Inc. listed below. Once received, we will immediately refund your purchase price or send you a replacement as requested.

WireMate Wire and Cable Organizer

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